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Sabres: The 6th Life Guard's Don Cossack battery officers' 'clytch' (shamshir) (Fig.60)

The blade is steel, curved, single-edged. In their fuller character, curvature and decoration-wise the blades were arbitrary.

The hilt comprises a grip with pommel and a guard. The grip is wood, covered in leather, featuring transverse grooves and bound in the grooves with twisted wire. The grip's back is surmounted by a metal back-piece, sweeping into a pommel, embossed with a figured rosette. The guard is formed by a cross- -guard piece with a double langet and a knuckle bow, branching off it, its upper end swept into the pommel. The cross-bar is a straight faceted bar. All the hilt's metal parts are gilt.

The scabbard is wood, covered in black leather. The metal slit mount comprises a locket and a chape with shoes, covering nearly the entire scabbard's surface. The locket is pierced out with one long slit and three round holes, the chape features two long slits and five round holes. The locket and the chape have one (loose-) ring fitment each to take the belt suspensions straps.

Overall length is about 1,000 mm, the blade's length is about 000 mm, the blade's width and curvature were arbitrary, the mass - about 1,700 gr.

The "clytch" (shamshir) was only carried outside formation by the 6th Lift-Guard's Don Cossack battery officers, probably, after 1909 till the end of the period considered.

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