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Russian Arms

Palmira Web-center presents upcoming book "Russian Arms" by Alexander N. Kulinsky


Brief decription of the subject and overview of the book.


1. The Light Cavalry Pattern 1798 Sabre

2. Infantry Officers' Imperial militia battalion Pattern 1806 Sabre

3. The Light Cavalry Pattern 1809 Sabre

4. Navy officers pattern 1811 Sabre

5. The Cavalry Pattern 1817 Sabre

6. Infantry Officers' Pattern 1826 Sabre

7. Cavalry Troopers Pattern 1827 Sabre

8. Cavalry Officers' Patterns 1827 and 1827/1909 Sabre

9. The Dragoon troopers Pattern 1841 Sabre

10. The Dragoon Officers' Pattern 1841 Sabre

11. The Infantry Officers' Pattern 1855 Sabre

12. The Navy Officers' Pattern 1855 and 1855/1914 Sabre

13. The Infantry Officers' Pattern 1865 Sabre

14. Life Guard's Cossack regiment officers' 'clytch' (shamshir or mameluke)

15. The Life Guard's Composite Cossack Regiment's Urals Hundred Officers' 'clytch' (shamshir)

16. Life Guard's Ataman regiment officers' 'clytch' (shamshir)

17. The 6th Life Guard's Don Cossack battery officers' 'clytch' (shamshir)

18. The Infantry Officers' Pattern 1913 Sabre

A chapter from the book with hyperlinks to all referenced pictures.

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