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The National Library of Russia

1. The National Library of Russia in Saint-Petersburg, founded in 1795

2. The National Library of Russia which in May 1995 entered its third century of existence is one of the largest book repositories in the world and occupies an exceptional place in the history of Russian culture

3. The formation of the library's stocks began at the same time as the construction of a building to house them, in the very center of St.- Petersburg

4. Izbornik of 1076 - one of the earliest russian manuscript anthologies of reading matter

5. The Ostromir Gospel of 1056-57

6. Miniature from the Grand Croniques de France. 15th century

7. A facsimile edition of the French 15th-century Prayer-Book of Louis d'Orleans

8. The Gospel of Trebizond. 10th century

9. The page of Leontry Magnitsky's Arithmetic

10. The mediaeval romance Lancelot du Lac. About 1500

11. The frontispiece of The Apostolos, Ivan Fiodorov's first printed book. 1564

12. A letter from King Henry II of France

13. The first Russian printed newspaper, Vedemosti. St.-Petersburg, 1724

14. Unknown Artist. Neva Embankment. Tinted lithograph

15. The socio-economic research reading room

16.Head Office

16. Pictures Index